Note to Otaku

Hi World – people have been asking me about the status of this blog, so a quick explanation:

There is no longer a need for a person like me to hunt images and make an archive of Japanese labels.  The impact of these labels is established – many have broken well into the mainstream.

High-craft Japanese labels are comfortable in US accounts.  The outdoorsman, railroad, tech sherpa, workwear, punk etc etc etc influences are well represented globally by the Japanese labels that pioneered them.

Mass media (Hypebeast et. al.) and mainstream retail all provide enough of a window – they won’t offer the newest or most obscure, but blogging about this microniche is now less about discovery and anthropology, and more of a trend-hunting activity.  It’s better suited to retail buyers and designers.  Which are both fine professions, but not my job.

There will always be further to dig though, and without digging, you will not find the #veryrare.

20 Responses to Note to Otaku

  1. Procrustes says:

    Thanks for all the digging.
    All the best for your future projects.

  2. francesca says:

    sad times :(

    • jamesy says:

      Not sad my friend. You’ve just got tons of other options now. If you’re ever looking for a specific piece, feel free to reach out to me for sourcing.

      • francesca says:

        I will def keep that in mind, I know you say the blogs are saturated with this stuff now, but without blowing your trumpet…you were the best, come back to us in another form please.x

        • jamesy says:

          The world isn’t saturated with this, it’s just a subculture that is totally serviceable by mainstream style blogs. And I’m all in favor of that. I’m happy to find awesome things, but I personally see it as a job now. Maybe that’s sad, but it’s true.

  3. Jedd Rose says:

    Second that, it was always a great destination, onward and upward!

  4. Eve Curie says:

    Thanks for all the updates, I use to follow your blog daily.
    Also I was wondering if you knew any good websites for ladies where I could find Japanese brands like Junya CDG man / Pink and others.

    Thanks for the effort.


  5. DK says:

    Just another note of thanks! Hypebeast is definitely stepping its game up with the Nagoya Yom posts. Look forward to seeing whatever you do next if it ever surfaces

  6. Etienne says:

    Wow, good motivation but did enjoy your blog so much that I miss it! Any advise to share a very very special blog like yours with us?

  7. NiCo says:

    apologies if i helped facilitate this in any way, looking forward to what you decide to do next man

  8. Antone says:

    damn man loved going to your blog u always had diff stuff on your blog….wish you the best in your future ventures…

  9. Kevin says:

    Thanks for all the posts James, I was a daily reader and you tipped me off to many lines that I now love and follow closely. The internet is a big place, here’s hoping you undertake a new public venture sometime soon!

    Best, Kevin

  10. spyegg says:

    Concern you for many years, and just want to say thank you

  11. chrisj says:

    hey james,

    enjoyed your eye for pieces. i don’t really read much of anything on the interwebs nowadays but when i found your blog was nice to see someone taking interesting post ura-harujuku b00m steez.

  12. CHRIS says:


    I am on the total late train with this blog. A friend of mine just showed it to me today…believe it or not. Anyways, great edit! And I noticed from time to time you directed people our way?! Thanks

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