White Mountaineering (ホワイトマウンテニアリング) Gore-Tex Ripstop Parka

4 Responses to White Mountaineering (ホワイトマウンテニアリング) Gore-Tex Ripstop Parka

  1. Miguel says:

    wow this is a nice piece…is it from this season’s collection?

    • jamesy says:

      Yeah sick simplicity here. This was previous winter, when there was still a solid Helly Hansen element, before WM started the native, multi-corduroy thing hardcore.

  2. Reed Homan says:

    This is good. Never saw this one before, prolly only can be found on Rakuten or something

  3. David says:

    It’s the perfect structure plus the color is red/orange not that shiny bright orange , if you look at the second picture you see the color difference from the top to bottom great.

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